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RIPTA: local trolley that runs around Newport from 8am to 8pm 7 days a week. Service animals (for the blind, deaf, etc.) are allowed to ride on RIPTA. Small animals in approved carriers (hard enclosed cases, soft enclosed cases) are also allowed. Large Pocket books are not considered carriers.

Rovinsky Park: Short walk from Murray House. Located on the corner of Rovinsky & Bellevue, a every short 4 minute walk from Murray House Bed & Breakfast. This is the best kept secret in Newport and is a beautiful park for dogs. Doggie bags provided, a nice thought by the park people. Very large gathering of happy mutts around 4 in the afternoon.

VETS: Newport Animal Hospital 333 Valley Road Middletown, RI 401-849-3400 Review: This veterinary hospital is open from 8 am to 8 pm Monday to Friday and on Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm. After hours you will need to go to the Emergency Vet in Warwick at 401-732-1811. Pet papers are a must for treatment.

I hope you find this helpful and if you discover another place that pets can go to that is not on my list, please let me know. Or if someone has stopped taking pets, let me know that too.

Cheers, and have a wonderful stay, Noreen

The following are more places in Newport that you can tote your pet along. Some restrictions apply, but you can live with them. Especially if you can't leave your dog in your room, which is the case in motels and hotels. Murray House allows well behaved pets to stay in the room. As long as they are happy, I am happy.

Touro Synagogue 85 Touro Street Newport 401 847 4794 Review: Dogs must be on a leash and must be cleaned up after on the grounds. Dogs are not allowed in the buildings. Touro Synagogue, dedicated in 1762, is the oldest synagogue in the United States and the only one that survives from the colonial era.

Newport Historical Society 82 Touro Street Newport 401 846 0813 Review: This is about a 1 hour tour, and a well behaved dog on a leash is allowed.

Fort Adams State Park Adams Drive off Harrison Ave. Newport 401 847 2400 Review: Situated at the mouth of the Newport Harbor, Fort Adams State Park offers exceptional views of both Newport Harbor and the east passage of Narragansett Bay. The park offers a wide range of activities, including salt water bathing, fishing boating, soccer, rugby, and picnicking as well as being able to bring your leashed dog. Park is open year round from sunrise to sunset.

Newport Dog Park Connell Highway Newport 401 845 5800 Review: This park is located on Connell Highway across from the Newport Theater. It is a fenced dog park and is open from 6am to 9pm. Dogs are allowed off their leashes.

Easton's Beach Memorial Blvd. Newport 401 847 6875 Review: Dogs are allowed on the beach during the off-season. They are not allowed on the beach from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. Pets must be on a leash & owners must, must clean up after their pets or this privilege will be taken away. Don't be the guy to do it to us. The beach is located off rte 138A (Memorial Blvd.)

Cliff Walk Memorial Blvd. Newport Review: A nice long (3 1/2 mile) walk for you and your dog. Wear good sneakers as there are some rugged & rocky walking areas. Located in back of the famous Newport Mansions. This way you get to see the mansion's back doors. This walk has earned its place on the register as a National Recreation trail. Beautiful water views of the Atlantic.Dogs must be leashed and under control at all times. The walk starts on Memorial Blvd, and ends at the end of Bellevue & Coggeshall Ave., right down the street from Murray House B&B. There are several areas along the way (in case you get tired) that you can cut through to Bellevue Ave. If anyone says anything to you, just yell tourist, help me...

10 Mile Ocean Drive Newport Review: This 10 mile drive, located along Newport's southern shore, give visitors a glimpse of the history here from the early 1800s as a get-a-way for the wealthy to the wonderful public accessible shoreline and parks that it has become. Dogs must be leashed when out of the vehicle.

Brenton Point State Park Ocean Drive, Newport,Rhode Island 02840,401-849-4562, Review: This park is located on the grounds of a grand old estate that offer gardens, scenic hiking trails, about 20 picnic tables on a 1st come 1st served basis, and outstanding views of where the ocean meets the rocky headlands here. Dogs (2) of all sizes are allowed for no additional fee; they must have a valid license tag, and owners must carry proof of current rabies inoculation. Dogs must be quiet, well behaved, leashed (6 foot), and properly cleaned up after at all times. They may not be left unattended at any time; with exception for hunting season or dog trials at which time dogs may be left alone in a vehicle. Dogs are not allowed at bathing beaches, and they may not be washed in any natural body of water.

Block Island Ferry Service to Block Island (great day trip) 304 Grey Island Road,Narragansett,Rhode Island 02882,401-783-4613, Review: The ferry rides are about 1 hour, and they are open all year. There ferries leave from Newport at Fort Adams State Park and Point Judith (Galilee) just south of Narragansett. Naturally the ferry ride is longer from Newport than Pt Judith. Takes about 20 mins to get to Pt Judith and the ferry ride is about an hour. From Newport, takes about 2 plus hours. Depends on how much you like to ride a ferry. (smile). The ferries sail from Old Harbor on Block Island. Dogs are allowed, but they must be friendly, well behaved, and leashed. They request to have dogs relieve themselves before boarding, and doggie bags are required.

Gansett Cruises Review:

Private Dock at the Inn on Long Wharf, 142 Long Wharf,Newport,Rhode Island 02840,401-787-4438. Review: Guests can enjoy the tours of this beautiful harbor for the scenery and for the variety of watercraft coming and going in this busy harbor, but pooches will get to enjoy the cozy blanket and treats. Dogs can be on the main deck only, and they must be declared at the time of reservations or when buying tickets. Dogs must be well mannered, leashed, and under their owner's control.


Nickolos Pizza 26 Memorial Blvd. Newport, Review: Not just pizza either, and a lovely outdoor dining area where you can people watch. Pets are welcome to dine al fresco with their owners. Must be leashed of course.

O'Brien's Pub 501 Thames St Newport 401 849 6623 Review: Decent pub food, great location and nice patio. Again, leash law.

Sardella's Italian 30 Memorial Blvd. Newport 401 849 6312 Review: The owner is great & a past mayor of Newport. Pets are allowed on the patio. Food is excellent and they have specials on Tuesday & Wednesday nights. Live music on Wednesday.

Canfield House 5 Memorial Blvd. Newport 401 847 0416 Review: The Canfield is on the historic register and the owners welcome pets on Mondays afternoons & evenings on their very spacious deck. This outside patio is turned over to pets exclusively! Menu is limited, but good. Pets get treats and can mingle with one another, so make sure your dog is very dog friendly.

Loca Mexican Restaurant,109 Long Wharf Newport,Rhode Island 02840,401-843-8300 Review: Innovative Mexican cuisine, a fun atmosphere, extreme cocktails, and seasonal alfresco dining have made this a popular destination. Dogs are allowed at the outer tables, they must be leashed and under their owner's control at all times.

IYAC 536 Thames St. Newport Review: Hang with your dog while you play pool or just sit back and have a few. Everyone at IYAC loves dogs and think it's great when a dog comes in to visit. With no kitchen in back, there are no real rules about not having a dog inside.

Frosty Freeze, 496 East Main Road/H 138, Middletown, Rhode Island 02842,401-846-1697 Review: Open seasonally, this popular ice creamery and sandwich shop also carries their "Only 8" yogurt that has been noted as safe for most diabetics. Dogs are allowed at their outer tables; they must be leashed.

H20 Restaurants,359 Thames Street, Newport, Rhode Island 02840,401-849-4466 Review: There are wonderful unobstructed views of the harbor at this premiere waterfront eatery. They offer fine and casual dining, a signature martini bar, innovative cuisine, and a variety of entertainment. Dogs are allowed at their outer tables; they must be leashed and under their owner's control at all times.

Salvation Cafe, 140 Broadway,Newport,Rhode Island 02840,401-847-2620 Review: Serving brunch through dinner, this eatery features fresh innovative cuisine with a seasonally influenced menu, and also offers indoor and outdoor dining options. Dogs are permitted at the outdoor tables, and they are known to bring water for your pup as well. Dogs must be well behaved, under owner's control, and leashed and cleaned up after at all times.

Astericks Bistro Restaurant & Bar 599 Thames St Newport 401 841 8833 Review: The restaurant was created in the space of and old service garage with the two original overhead garage doors still in use during the summer months. Our look has been compared to that of Soho restaurants in New York. We have a large and lively bar that overlooks the dining room and the open kitchen. We seat approximately 100 guests. We are open every day serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Pet's are welcome al fresco in the summer, well behaved, on a leash.


Dog and Pet friendly Bed and Breakfast Rules While Staying In Newport


Murray House offers you the privilege of arranging to bring your pet to stay with you on your getaway. The following are rules at Murray House for guests bringing pets as well as places you can bring pets in Newport. Most of the rules and suggestions are for the protection of you and your animal.

Please scroll all the way down to read all this helpful & necessary information.

Thanks and looking forward to meeting all of you.
One thing I must say before I begin with all of the stuff that you need to read is that I will not go in a room if your pet is uncomfortable. I do like to meet them ahead of time, just to make sure. Also, I will not vacuum in a room that has a pet in it.
Makes sense to me.

Doggie Doo's and Don'ts: (I couldn't come up with anything for cats) 

In order to keep my policy of allowing dogs to visit my bed & breakfast, I must ask the owners to abide by some very simple rules. Rules that you would follow in your own home. Thanks very much for helping me continue to let pets enjoy a little vacation as well as their owners. This may seem like a lot of reading, and you're right, but it's worth it.

1. Some dogs have a stronger doggie odor than other dogs. If your pet is one of these, I must insist that extra attention be payed for your dog to be thoroughly washed and bathed before coming to Murray House. I have wall to wall carpet and cannot have a doggie odor left behind, when other guests will be arriving soon after your departure.

1a.. ALL DOGS visiting Murray House, whether they have a strong doggie odor or not, must be freshly bathed for possible doggie odor and fleas, otherwise a fumigation fee of $ 100.00 will have to be charged. It is what my exterminator charges me. Thanks so much for your help on this one. I want to keep having pets, so really do appreciate it.

2. Dogs must be walked away from main area of property. Up Murray Place and across the street on the grass strip there, near fire hydrant is good for a quickie. Droppings must be picked up and disposed of in proper receptacle. Please put droppings in the trash inside the pool gate. Please do not let dogs urinate on plants or shrubs in my yard or the other yards on Murray Place.

3. Dogs must not get on beds or furniture. As is only fair, owners are responsible for any damage or soiling to room furnishings or rugs, and your credit card will be charged a reasonable clean up fee. If you think that your dog might jump on the furnishing, please bring a covering from your home to place on the bed. Please bring your dogs clean sleeping bed from home to be placed on the floor. Thanks.

4. Pets must be dog and cat friendly. Oh, yes and people friendly.

5. Pets are not to be left in the room for long durations, unless in a crate. (If your dog has never used a crate and you think that he will behave without you there, check with me.) This is unfair to the pet in a strange place and not fair to the hostess/and or other guests. You must stay with your dog until he/she is familiar with the room and his/her surroundings and is comfortable and happy, and will not start howling if you leave them too soon. You must leave me your cell phone number in case of a problem.

6. Pet must-must be on a leash when outside at all times. This is a house rule and city rule. Sounds a bit harsh, but I had a dog knock someone down and the person ended up with a snapped tendon and was in a cast for 6 weeks. Needless to say, the owner of the dog was sued. While everyone has a home owners policy that will cover this problem, it is not worth the effort involved to go through the hassle. Just keep the dogs leashed and you will be just fine. I also have a resident skunk that lives under the pool deck, not by choice mind you, just can't keep him/her out. Harmless little critter unless your dog happens to meet him at night. This has happened twice, so you can see why using the leash is important. I also have a koi fish pond, and certain dogs have fallen (jumped?) in it. Not fun, for me or the fish. Thanks again and again.

7. I do not recommend taking the dogs on the beach while staying at Murray House. The beach sand has fleas and of course a wet, sandy or muddy dog will not be allowed in the guest rooms. We have a dog park right down the street about a 4 minute walk. Lots of dogs there in the afternoon and it's great fun for the dog. (Up Murray Place, take a right, first stop sign, take a left, and it's up a bit on the left hand side.) If perchance the dog happens on to the beach without your control, they will have to stay outside until they are cleaned up and dry. (Hose on the right side of the house) Please bring your own drying towels. Do not use guest room towels. Cliff Walk is also a great place to take the dog. Great walking for you and them.

8. All pets must have had their shots & vaccinations. Bring your vets vaccination report if need be. This is a new state law. Also, the latest thing that needs to be done is bringing along their vaccination records. If you dog gets sick, vets will not treat them unless they know they have had their shots. The next thing to make sure you have is a homeowners policy that covers your pet in case they cause unintentional hurt to someone else. Thanks so much for your help.

9. Last and not least, dog must be kept under control at all times and not make noise and disturb other guests. You must leave me your cell phone number in case of a problem.

10. Please bring cleaning supplies in case your pet has an accident. You will be held responsible for your pet's accident. I know they are house broken and trained, but you would be surprised at the ones who lose it cause they're confused or scared. Trust me on this one.
One thing I cannot emphasize enough, is cleaning up after your pet. Always have doggie bags with you in case they are needed. Don't spoil this for the rest of us by not being a responsible pet owner.

Thanks again for your help and cooperation to make this work for everyone. Have a great time with your favorite buddy by your side.

Cheers, Noreen

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